Diva’s Quick Tips: How to Shop Ivy Park’s “Icy Park” Drop

In the words of Oprah, “One thing I know for sure” is that Beyonce’s Ivy Park collections always sell out and they sell out fast. I vastly underestimated these facts and thought just heading to the Adidas website at the moment it would be releaswd would be sufficient. I was wrong, so wrong. I missed out and was bummed. I did score with the second collection and here is what I did differently.

1. Sign Up to the Adidas Mailing List

Once one the mailing list, check it frequently as the days wind down to launch date. That is where you you get a time window where you can preview the collection and add items to your cart. You cannot check out, but add items to your cart. Check it frequently as my times changed a few times.

Image Credit: We Are Ivy Park
Image Credit: We Are Ivy Park

2. Download the Adidas App

I shopped the app with black amd tan collection and (narrowly) scored the items I was coveting. The app is really pushed as the medium to shop from.

Image Credit: We Are Ivy Park

3. Look at the Sizing

Before you “add to cart'”, be mindful of the sizing of the pieces you’re eyeing. The collection has womens, plus, and unisex sizing.

Image Credit: We Are Ivy Park
Image Credit: We Are Ivy Park

4. Stay by the Phone

I set a timer counting down to my alotted shop time and when I was about a minute out, I immediately clicked the button to check out. I did that because when the app opened to everyone, those who had items in their cart were also checking out. My items added to my cart at about 5 secs after the collection was available to shop. It was intense!

Image Credit: We Are Ivy Park
Image Credit: We Are Ivy Park
Image Credit: We Are Ivy Park

The collection debuts February 19, 2021. Get ready!

Diva’s Quick Tips: Mixing Prints

Image Credit: Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram

J.Lo looks fab in this fall mixed prints combo. When mixing prints, choose similar colors to tie the look together. Notice how both the striped top and floral skirt have black, white and tan? Jennifer broke up the prints a bit with a black belt and anchored the look with a solid black newsboy hat and black Hermes Birkin. She is likely wearing black pumps as well

Diva’s Quick Tips:

1. Tie the prints together with like colors.

2. Anchor the look with solid accesories.

3. Break up the prints by using a subdued belt to create some symmetry.

Diva’s Quick Tips: 10 Fall Transition Ensembles Inspired by Tracee Ellis Ross

Transition your favorite graphic tee from this summer by adding a moto jacket and tailored wide leghed pants for a more elevated look. Have fun by adding a pop of color in either the pants and/or the jacket.
Image Credit:Getty Images

Go monochrome with simple, high quality long sleeves and trousers. Add comfort with platform loafers. Go for a pop of color in the accessories such as a handbag.
Jumpsuits arw always fun because they are one and done! Choose heavier fabrics such as leathers or faux leathers. Yummy fall colors like cognac are perfect for the season.
Transition your summer dressea by layering coordinating long sleeves underneath. Add fun footwear to complete the look.
Two piece sets are in right now. A sweater two piece is the perfect transitioning pair.
Well fitting, yet relaxed suits pair with sneakers can be a jeans and t-shirt alternative.
Can’t go wrong with the classic moto jacket/combat boot combination.

Elevate a sweatsuit set with heels and chunky jewelry or colorful sneakers.

Diva’s Quick Tips: 4 Ways to Modify Your Wardrobe While on Your Weightloss Journey

Image Credit:Universal Standard

One of the most challengibg times a woman may experience is her weight loss journey. It can be filled with highs and lows both in weight and emotion. And to add to all of that, knowing how to dress your body during your own journey to a better you can add another layer of stress. I know because I am currently on my own path to a healthier me. Here are a few things I picked up along the way and will continue to implement until I reach my goal weight.

1. Shop Sales

Shop sales as much as possible. No need buy an item at full price when you don’t intend to stay that size. This doesn’t mean sacrifice quality.  Choose items that will be easy to get some money back for when it is time to purge your older clothing.

2. Elastic is Your Friend

I have soooo many elastic waist skirts now. A stretch in the waist allows you to have some fice as your weight fluctuates which also allows you to extend the wear.

Tip: While shopping, look for thick and durable feeling elastic waist bands that have a sturdy snap back as well as adjustable waist skirts and pants.

3. Go for Dresses

I know, I know, dresses aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Hear me out, will you? They can be so forgiving, versatile, and comfortable! Dress ’em up, dress ’em down, gain or lose a few pounds and it will still fit!

Tip: Go for A-Line dress that pull over your head or wrap dresses. Sheath dresses that button or zip don’t always allow much room.

4. Prepare to Buy New Undies

When your waist shrinks, the boobs and booty will follow. You may have to get measured a time or two while you sweat away those inches.

Tip: This is the perfect time to cash in on sales, points, bucks, cash, or whatever your favorite store calls it where you get your lingerie from.

There you have it! Any tips you would like to add? Let everyone know in the comments!

Diva’s Quick Tips: 5 Ways to Unplug When Reality is Overwhelming

There is a lot going on in the world right now, from a pandemic to police brutality and protests and riots. Black people have expressed on social media how watching the news to stay informed left them mentally drained (self-included). We know we can walk out the door and possibly become one of the people that are scattered all over news outlets. There is no set of rules to abide by to prevent us from being the next hashtag (despite what anyone has told you). It is important to check in with yourself and assess your mental capacity. It is okay to step away for as long as you need. Here are some things you can do to unwind.

1. Sleeping

How Much Sleep Do You Need? - Urbanbella CurlTalk

If you are not getting an adequate night’s rest, it may be a good time to steal away and take a nap or turn in early and just rest, even if you aren’t sleepy. Drinking teas such as chamomile tea or taking melatonin are non-prescription sleep aids if you need a little help.

2. Spending Time With Loved Ones

If you are quarantining (still staying home?) with someone, unplug and spend time with them or hop on a Zoom call. Game nights, playing outside, going for walks or bike rides are also options. Get the endorphins pumping to boost your mood.


3. Journaling

notebook writing pencil start
Photo by Dom J on Pexels.com

Writing can be a great stress reliever. An added benefit as personal journals has often been used by historians to get a glimpse of what certain periods in history were like. Words are so important right now.

4. Dance it Out

Music is another great stress reliever. Drown yourself in your favorite tunes. Writing while listening to music may help you find words as well.


5. Prayer and Meditation

set of colorful semiprecious stones placed chaotically on gray tabletop in jewelry store
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

While I am an advocate for prayer, I personally have not mastered meditation (yet). I know those who do meditate and I have never heard of anyone speak of anything but the benefits.

Diva’s Quick Tips: 5 Things You Can Do at Home Instead of Going Outside, Georgia Edition


Several state leaders, including the governor of Georgia, where Diva Chronicles is based have made announcements on “opening up” the state Friday, April 24, 2020. This means businesses like restaurants, hair salons, barber shops, bowling alleys, movie theaters, and tattoo parlors will be allowed to reopen and have to follow social distancing guidelines. While I do not want the economy to collapse and I want people to get back to work, I also want them healthy and ALIVE in order to work. The number of COVID-19 cases has not decreased in the state of Georgia. Citizens have expressed their uneasy feeling about this news. There is also no assurance that the social distancing measures will be enforced and what entities will do the enforcing. The mayor of Atlanta has even expressed her concerns and still encouraged the citizens in the state’s capital to still remain home. Diva Chronicles is team #stayhome, and wanted to share a few alternatives you can do with your household instead of going outside prematurely.

1. Do Your Own Nails

woman s pink pedicure
Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

This article has plenty of press on nail companies shipping out orders amidst the pandemic. You can get a full set without going to a salon designed for many people.

2. Watch Movies at Home

Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, the Firestick, and movies once slated to premiere in theaters now available to rent, there are many ways to have a movie night. Netflix even created an extension to allow for virtual movie nights.

3. Wear Protective Hair Styles

I know the quarantine put a snag in our regular hair appointment schedules, but safety over vanity people. Wash your strands, keep them moisturized and wear a hat or turban if you’re not ready to show your hair.

4. Bring the Fun Home

Wooden Lawn Bowling Set

Bowling alleys have shared balls, shoes, and games. Who knows how many times they will be sanitized. For the price of a family’s trip to the alley, you can order a set and bowl within the comfort and safety of your household.

4. Do Your Own Selfcare

bath bathroom bathtub indoors

Add sugar to olive or coconut oil for an at-home body scrub. Add hot water to bowl and hold your head over it underneath a towel for a steam facial. Add epsom salt to a nice, warm bath to soothe body aches or just to promote relaxation.

Of course, no one can tell you what to do, but please think of others when you leave your house and enter crowds.

Diva’s Quick Tips: How I’m Prioritizing My Day While Working from Home

TheCOVID-19 pandemic has led to massive school closures and many people have been mandated or strongly suggested to work from home in an effort to stop the spread of the virus and treat those who have it while also leaving our hospitals open to patients with other emergencies. I am one of those people who are working from home. When I began to hear the word that it was a possibility, I already began to mentally prepare my daily structure.

1. Keep a Routine

My routine is not exactly the same as it was when I was working from an office setting, but I didn’t deter too far from my normal wake-up time. After all, I still have to be online working relatively close to my normal working hours.

2. Keep Your Bedtime

Even though I’m already home and comfy, I can be tempted to stay up a little later because I did not have to go anywhere. I still keep my normal bedtime to ensure I get adequate rest.

 3. Take  a Real Lunch

I could easily put a load of laundry on now that I’m home or finally put away my winter sweaters when it’s time for me to break, but these are things I would normally do after work. In the spirit of trying to stay as close to my normal schedule as possible so I won’t have to readjust when I finally do go back into work, I eat when I normally eat at the office. Only this time, the food is better ;).

4.  Still Shower

I know many will debate me on this (lol), but I find that I feel “ready for the day” after I showered, even if my work station is now my couch.

Diva’s Quick Tips: Hand Sanitizer Precautions with @thechemistdiva

By now you’re likely aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and and the coverage it is getting. Whenever there is a state of emergency, there are those who take advantage and those who try to be resourceful. The resourcefulness can have negative effects in this situation. With readily made hand santizer flying off the shelves, many are posting and selling their homemade santizers. The most common ones suggest rubbing alcohol as a sanitizing agent. While it has its beneficial properties (which is why we use it on minor cuts), it does not contain the same type of alcohol as hand sanitizer. Read then post by The Chemist Diva to learn why you should not attempt your to make your own sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer formulations go through rigourous testing to actually prove they can be claimed as an anti-microbial. A gas station owner was recently arrested for selling homemade sanitzer that resulted in chemical burns of a young child. We all know it is hard to get your hands on, but washing your hands should be the first step of prevention before using sanitizer.

Make sure you’re moisturizing your hands afterwards to avoid dryness ans cracked skin from the increased cleaning and friction from rubbing your hands together.

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Diva’s Quick Tips: Deciphering the Hard-to-Pronounce Words on Product Labels with @thechemistdiva

I’m back with the #QuickFacts! Let’s talk about the war on words, shall we? When it comes to products ingredient labels, how many times have you been told “If you can’t pronounce it, it’s bad for you?’ Well, not quite. We want easy and transparent, right? So do I. However, our government’s regulating bodies and others like them around the world want uniformity.

Language and culture presents a barrier when there are many words for the same ingredient. The words we like to see on our labels are what we call “common names.” They’re common in our language, our culture, and/or country. These words can have a different meaning elsewhere or not even exist in languages across the globe. That’s where INCI names come in. It stands for International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient. This is the standardized list of names for cosmetics ingredients that makes it easier to communicate within the industry and with consumers across the globe. Those are the names you see on your product labels, the INCI names.

When you see something in parentheses such as “witch hazel,” that is the common name to help, you the consumer, recognize what it is. It is a company’s way of being compliant while simultaneously catering to their customer. However, that is not mandated like INCI names are. Depending on the budget (labels are expensive) and willigness of the company, you may or may not see both in the ingredient list.

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Diva’s Quick Tips: How to Find ther Perfect High Heels for Your Foot Type and Needs

Take Aways:

1. Look for pumps with the heel underneath the heel of the foot and not at the edge of the show for better support.

2. Have a shoe repair person insert arch support underneath the sole for invisible comfort.

3. Ensure top of the pump is not cutting intti your toes.

I hope there will be part two because I have flat feet (absolutely no arch!) and would love to hear her advice.

Video Credit: As/Is