Product Highlight: Pattern Beauty x Melody Ehsani Juicy & Joyful Bamboo Earrings

Juicy and joyful! That’s how Tracee Ellis Ross, founder and owner of Pattern Beauty, often describes curls after they’ve been styled with with her brand’s products. Now you can wear the moniker all the time in the form of bamboo earrings. Tracee is known for rocking her own pair of bamboo earrings throughout the years so the collaboration is very fitting.

Pattern and Melody Ehsani teamed up to offer a limited edition pair of bamboo earrings that reading “Juicy”and “Joyful”. I have a pair of custom Melody Ehsani earrings and can attest to the great quality. Around the Way Girls know you need at least two pair, so add a custom pair by while you’re at it.

The bamboo earrings retail for $48 while supplies last. Get them here.

Feature Image and Article Image Credit: Pattern Beauty

My Top 7 Picks From the Brandon Blackwood Fall 2022 Collection

New York City based handbag designer, Brandon Blackwood, has released his catalog for the Fall 2022 collection under his eponymous handbag label and it is good! I mean really good! A girl can dream and imagine spending a month’s worth of bill money on several bags, but we are being responsible adults, right? So let’s make a list instead! Over the past few weeks, the BB team has been hitting us hard with clever marketing showcasing several of the new bags. Here are my top picks!

  1. Lisa Shoulder Bag
Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

Shoulder bags offer a classic silhouette that never goes out of style. This will serve well as an everyday work bag, especially for those of you who work in a corporate environment. Do not fret, the hardware comes in gold as well in brown and black cracked leather as well as mink fur options.

2. Vanity Purse

$550 (Python Only)
Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

It was this bag that took my breath away. I had been looking for a box-like bag for a while and none were wowing me until the Vanity Purse hit my timeline. This version is made with python skin and 24K gold plated hardware. The black and brown leather versions are just as fabulous and retail for $350.

$550 (Python Only)
Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

Did I mention the mirror? This is likely how the bag got its name. It is the full length of the bag and not one of those mirrors where you can only see one eye at a time.

3. Acrylic Basket Bag

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

Let’s have a moment of silence for this color…

Can you even?! There are several structural bags in this collection and the Brandon Blackwood team understood the assignment. They gave what needed to be gave. This bag reminds me of a modern take on the vintage lucite bags of the 1950’s. See what I mean here. This here is a showstopper!

4. Acrylic Duplex Purse

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

Not to be outdone by her single level cousin, the Acrylic Duplex purse in blue wants us to know she is THAT GIRL and I am not getting in the middle of that fight. To keep things fair, let’s also have a moment of silence for my good sis…

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

Because she said she WILL NOT MISS! She rings in at the same price as the one above so it is up to you which route you will choose, both are stunning.

5. Kuei Bag

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

If you don’t carry your entire life in a bag like I do, the the original Kuei is for you. I personally have the medium in black and brown and that is the smallest I can go for my lifestyle. I love the structure of the Kueis and the overall style of the bag, I just think it is so unique.

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

The front zipper feature is functional and you can unzip the flaps if you need more space. I think it give the purse a more casual look this way and a more formal appearance zipped up. It also comes with a crossbody strap and is offered in 22 colorways.

6. Bamboo B Micro Tote

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

The Bamboo B Micro Tote has had the BB fans abuzz since we first spotted it earlier this summer. It is the perfect bag for a night on the town and even red carpet events as we recently saw with Queen Latifah. The bamboo trim is a nod to the girls from around the way who wore bamboo earrings (word to L.L. Cool J.).

7. Bamboo Tote with Silver Hardware

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

In keeping with the bamboo theme, the bamboo tote will now be available in silver trim. The original brown and black bamboo totes with gold trim will also be available.

Please note these are just my top picks based on my personal taste to give you an idea of what Brandon Blackwood has to offer. I love the brand. There are many more styles on the website from micro to back backpacks. There is something for everyone.

Black Designers You Should Know: Nathaniel Noir

Nathaniel Noir, a Black luxury goods designer behind the brand Noir-X Apparel based in Canada, is a designer you need in your radar. He designs structured handbags of varying sizes and textures such as crocodile, python, ostrich, iridescent color ways, and vegan leather. He offers sophisticated pieces that can definitely become staples in anyone’s collection while also offering fun handbags in various patterns.

I cannot tell you how I initially came across his account, but when I saw the Python Blue Chrome bag in the medium, I was hoooked! The bag was both metallic and iridescent with blue and green colors so when it hit the light, it shined, okay?! I had to have it! Well so did everyone else because this was last spring and it quickly sold out! I thought I lost out on the bag, but then this summer, it was re-released and I snatched it up quickly! Check out my unboxing and initial reaction below .

Since acquiring the Python Blue Chrome handbag, I snagged another coveted beauty, the Python Liquid Gold also in the medium size. Isn’t she a beauty? The orange and gold tones are a perfect pop to any ensemble for the upcoming fall season. This bag with brown or emerald green?! I can’t wait!

Image Credit: Noir-X

I currently have my eye out for the re-release of the Vitro Chrome in medium. Check her out below. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Image Credit: Noir-X

I have found my sweet spot in styles of handbags that work for me and they are structured , medium sized, with top handles and feet. The ones I received from Noir-X check all of those boxes. However , if the medium is too large for you or not large enough, many of the offerings come in mini and jumbo sizes as well.

The price range is what I would consider mid-tier accessible ranging from $270-$660. However, many of the styles are often and currently steeply discounted. The bags shown above retailed for $480 but are discounted to $150.

I’m not done with Mr. Nathaniel Noir yet, my wishlist includes:

1. Purple Jumbo Python

Image Credit: Noir-X

2. Jewel Green Jumbo Python

Image Credit: Noir-X

3. Monaco Red Jumbo Python

Image Credit: Noir-X

4. Cobalt Blue Jumbo Boa

Image Credit: Noir-X

If anything you see interests you or you want to see more from the brand, head to Noir-X to take a look around. Just don’t sell him out before I get there!

Cover Image Credit: Nathaniel Noir

Product Highlight: Buy Black Art Tote by Cede Supply

The Buy Back Art tote was launched by Cede Supply in honor of Black History month, but is still for sale. The company committed to donated 10% of the proceeds to their #Sowacede foundation which “which focuses on funding of the arts, financial literacy, and emotional intelligence with our youth” (Cede Supply).

Image Credit: Cede Supply

The style of the tote is fashioned after the Dior Book Tote, which is eye catching and in style at the moment, so the message is bound to draw attention.

Image Credit: Cede Supply
Image Credit: Cede Supply

More About the Company:

Cede Supply “bridges the gap between conscious, luxury and cool.” The “inspiration behind the name of Cede Supply Co. came from the word concede, which means to give up or pass on. Founder and CEO, Kristyn Edwards’s mission with this brand is to highlight and educate consumers on social issues that shape the world we live in today through each collection that is released. 3% of sales go towards a cause in relation to each collection” (Cede Supply).

The Buy Black Art tote retails for $135 and can be purchased here.

Fashion News: Brandon Blackwood Salvator Collection

Brandon Blackwood has quickly become a favorite amongst the handbag community. The young Black designer hit many of our radars when Kim featured his End Systemic Racism “ESR” on her Instagram during the pandemic. Since, then he has has several releases with all of them selling out. Brandon gas announced another upcoming drop: The Salvator Collection.

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

The 6-piece collection is made of Salvator lizard material and from what has been posted, will come in the Cara, Arlen, Kuei, and the Bamboo B tote. The other two styles remain to be seen.

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

The collection will be limited edition as with it being handmade of special materials, so expect a higher price point than what we’ve seen with his usual bags.

There is no advertised release date, so if you’re interested, sign up to the mailing list or turn on your post notifications.

How to Incorporate 3 Statement Glasses by Cynthia Rowley x Zenni Optical Into Your Wardrobe

I have been wearing corrective eyewear since I was five years old. Back in those days, I had a few select metal frames to choose from and they were expensive! As an active kids, keeping my frames in tact proved challenging. I never looked at them as a fashion accessory. Fast forward to college and a brief stint of wearing contacts and realizing I was too near sighted to keep up that routine, I reverted back to eyewear. I decided if I were going to have to wear eyeglasses for the rest of my adult life, I might as well make them interesting. I had heard of Zenni Optical for years before taking the plunge on a pair. It was just so unheard of to me to order frames online. Ever since then, I have been hooked and recommend the site to family and friends. I now own multiple frames.

Since I currently switch frames to match my ensemble, I often get comments from people that along the line of not knowing how to wear bold frames. Bold depends on your personal comfort level. Tame to me could be “out there” to someone else. I’ve chosen three frames from the Cynthia Rowley x Zenni collections and have provided tips on how to wear them.

  1. Dahlia
Brown Dahlia front-view
Image Credit: Zenni Optical

This deep mustard shade is perfect for the person who loves to wear jewel tones or vibrant summer shades. It you love to wear limes, watermelon reds, and crsip whites. It will also look beautiful against deep emeralds, wines, rubies and plums.

2. Azalea

Tortoiseshell Azalea front-view
Image Credit: Zenni Optical

Tortoise is safe everyday pattern that goes from work to evening. If you are someone who doesn’t change eyewear with your outfits but still want a statement, go with tortoise.

3. Rockrose

Brown Rockrose front-view
Image Credit: Zenni Optical

This pair is perfect for the person who likes a little edge. This studs remind me of the Valentino Rockstuds that were extremely popular a few years ago. Try this pair with a floral top and faux letter shorts or a skirts.

Shop the collection here.

8 Everyday Tote Bags by POC Designers Perfect for Work and Beyond

There is nothing like a good work tote. They are versatile, sturdy, and holds all of our life’s necessities we juggle on a daily basis, and often come with us on our travels. While there are definitely more popular brands that makes this staple, there are minority designers producing quality goods as well. This list is no where near all inclusive, but hopefully will start you down the path of looking to POC designers for your everyday essentials. The bags are listed below in no particular order.

Agnes Baddoo’s Sac 1 Bag

AgnesBaddoo sac 1 F.jpg
Image Credit: Agnes Baddoo

Description: The shapes are designed for everyday use, and adapt to our evolving environment. (Agnes Baddoo)

The Sacs come in multiple sizes, colorways, and textures. There are about 15 collections or “suites” as they are categorized on the website.

Shop it here.

NL the Label “ The Work” Bag

Image Credit: NL the Label

Description: This bag was created to be your next go to for a meeting with clients or to a quick getaway.(NL the Label)

Shop it here .

Yvonne Kone Large Fillipo Bag

Image Credit: Yvonne Kone

Description: A classic and versatile everyday tote crafted from Italian leather with synthetic suede lining. Softly structured shape and minimal detailing for a nonchalant chic style. Spacious main compartment and features a delicate leather strap to tie as a knot or with a bow to fasten your bag shut, a convenient inner pocket and sturdy top handles. Ideal shopping companion or lightweight carry-on. (Yvonne Kone)

The Fillipo bag comes in two styles and five colorways.

Shop it here.

Haiti Design Co Classic Leather Tote

Image Credit: Haiti Design Co

Description: Full-grain Haitian vegetable tanned leather. Solid brass hardware.(Haiti Design Co)

The classic leather tote comes in three leather color options.

Juliette Convertible Leather Tote

Image Credit: Haiti Design Co

This convertible tote can be worn as a crossbody or a backpack. It also comes in three leather color options.

Jennifer Le Caiman Tote (Medium)

Image Credit: I Am Jennifer Le

Description: CAIMAN TOTE BAG is practical in size and crafted from croc embossed leather. It can be carried from the top handles or detachable shoulder strap. This stylish yet timeless piece can be carried for years to come. It has a structured shape that makes it easy to fit all your essentials inside – there are plenty of pockets for valuables, too. (I Am Jennifer Le)

Ship it here.

Brandon Blackwood Jumbo Kuei

Image Credit: Brandon Blackwood

The Jumbo Kuei is the largest of the Kuei bags from the brand. Crafted from vegan leather, it also comes with a cross body strap for increased multi-functionality. The Jumbo Kuei comes in seven different colors and textiles.

Shop it here.

Telfar Shopping Bag

Image Credit: Telfar

Affectionately known as the “Bushwick Birkin” Telfar’s Shopping Bag’s quickly garnered a cult following in 2020. They are marketed as “Not for you – for everyone” and boast an accessible price tag to match. The Shopping Bag comes in small, medium, and large sizes (and a whopping 20+ colorways!), but the medium is the bag that may be more practical for everyday.

Shop it here.

Fashion News: Coach Collaborates with Champion for a Limited Edition Collection

Coach has teamed up with Champion, an athletic brand that has regained popularity over the past few years, for a limited edition collection. It includes purses, belt bags, leather jogger sets and more! Prices range from $250-$2,300. The leather joggers are going fast!

Coach X Champion Leather Tank Top

Check out the entire collection and shop here.

Image Credit:Coach

Product Highlight: Confetti Boutique Glacier Purse

Duckie Confetti, most known for his luxurious fur designs, seen on everyone from Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, and more! The fur designer has released the “Glacier Purse” to complement those luxe furs pieces.

Image Credit: Confetti Boutique
Image Credit: Confetti Boutique

Product Description:

The perfect Heavy Acrylic Purse . 
Magnetic Closure .

Gold Hardware 

Confetti Logo Engraved in gold . 

Price: $175

Image Credit: Confetti Boutique

Shop the Glacier purse at