Beauty News: Felicia Walker, Founder of This That Beauty, Launches Skin Care Line, Phoebe Skin

It seems like everyone is starting their own beauty or makeup line these days, but when a skin care OG launches her very own product line, you stop and pay attention. Felicia Walker has been chronicling her skin care journey on her blog, This That Beauty, for more than a decade. She rose to become an authority in beauty space and is now known for her clear, dewy complexion. It is of no surprise she would launch a product line dedicated to skin.

Felicia Walker
FElmage Credit: This That Beauty

According to the website, Walker states that Phoebe Skin “is inspired by my daughter, Phoebe, who balances my life in ways I could not have  imagined. The name PHOEBE SKIN™ combines two of my great loves. My daughter, Phoebe, and my passion for skincarePhoebe Skin.

Brand Description:

Our products are formulated to bring harmony and balance to the skin. My hope and desire is that you will experience the same joy and love that I feel when applying the products.

Phoebe Skin debuted with three treatment masks, STAY TIGHT Deep Pore Purge and Polish clay mask, STAY BRIGHT Complexion Boosting Brightener clay mask, STAY CHILL Balancing and Soothing gel mask.

Product Descriptions:


Image Credit: Phoebe Skin

This exfoliating mask is formulated to purge congested pores and gently resurface dull skin. Skin will appear more refined, smooth and reflect a healthy, natural glow after the first use. If you’ve been slacking on your skincare rituals, consider this a glorious “reset” Phoebe Skin.

Image Credit: Phoebe Skin


Moroccan Lava Clay; silica, calcium, potassium, magnesium


Image Credit: Phoebe Skin

This energizing and tone-boosting mask brightens the complexion through gentle exfoliation. Natural sources of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) smooth and promote a vibrant glow.

Image Credit: Phoebe Skin


Kaolin clay; Bentonite clay; Pumpkin clay; Rose clay; Rose powder; Ascorbyl Palmitate; Pelargonium Graveolens (geranium)


Image Credit: Phoebe Skin

This gel-based mask is formulated to immediately calm stressed skin. Bulgarian Damascus Rose extract is beneficial in reducing the appearance of surface irritation. This calming mask immediately moisturizes the skin and helps return skin to a place of balance.

Image Credit: Phoebe Skin

This gel-based mask is formulated to immediately calm stressed skin. Bulgarian Damascus Rose extract is beneficial in reducing the appearance of surface irritation. This calming mask immediately moisturizes the skin and helps return skin to a place of balance.


Water; Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice; Rosa Damascena(Rose)Flower Distillate; Polvsorbate 20; Proovlene Glycol;Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Extract; Ulmus Rubra (Slippery Elm) Extract; Glycerin (and) water (and) (Althea Officinalis) Marshmallow Root Extract; Glycerin (and) water (and) Chamomille Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract; Phenoxyethanol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin); Sodium Evaluronate; Carbomer; Dorascium Sorbate Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium); D&C red 40(C116035

All three of masks retail fir $30 and are available on

Jackie Aina Launches Lifestyle Brand, FORVR Mood, for the “Regular-Degular Girl”

“Boujie, but make it approachable” –FORVR Mood

Beauty influencer and social justice advocate, Jackie Aina, launched her own lifestyle brand, FORVR Mood. She teased her followers with only a name and not giving any hints as to what she was about to release other than it was not beauty related. The initial drop turned out to be four candles with names of cultural colloquialisms often used in the Black, LGBTQ+, and beauty communities. Jackie spoke of her love for greats scents and how she always had candles burning in her home and that it was only right to launch candles.

The marketing videos on the brand’s Instagram page features all four candles being highlighted in an computer generated video of pastels and golds in different backdrops such as a luxurious bathroom and posh living room with a vibey Afro Beats tune playing in the background, an obvious nod to Jackie’s Nigerian roots.


“Think of FORVR Mood as a boujie-on-a-budget haven. Think: *lux, but make it accessible*. We’re boujie, but not b*tchy – we think everyone should have access to products that make them feel like THAT girl. The idea was to create a lifestyle brand that’s fun, light, and prioritizes feeling good. We’re not here to sell you a facade. Every product we create is something Jackie LOVES, actively uses, and makes her life easier. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re in it for the feeling. For the vibe. For the whole mood. AND WE’RE BLACK OWNED!” (FORVR Mood).

On why she started FORVR Mood:

“In today’s stay-low-and-grind climate, whatever happened to taking care of YOURSELF? That’s where we come in. We’re a brand that emphasizes putting yourself first. The grind gon’ always be there, but will your edges? Make sure YOU are good first, sis.” (FORVR Mood).

Caked Up Scent Profile:

Top: Roasted Pistachio, Almond Cream, Pineapple

Heart: Honey, Jasmine, Coconut

Base: Vanilla Bean, Musk

Matcha Business Scent Profile:

Top: Hazelnut Coffee, Almond Milk, Honey

Heart: Coffee, Lavender

Base: Vanilla

Left on Read Scent Profile:

Top: Tropical fruit

Heart: Coconut, Coconut Milk

Base: Caramel

Cuffing Season Scent Profile:

Top: Fresh Ozone, Salty Lemon, Mineral Citrus

Heart: Iris, Violet, Jasmine

Base: Douglas Fir, Rain Forest Moss, White Cedar

All candles retail for $35 and were sold out shortly after launching. Go Jackie! Since the debut of her brand, FORVR Mood and her candles, she has since release pure silk headbands and pillowcases priced at $28 and $49, respectively.

Learn more about FORVR Mood by heading to their website. If you’re interested in new releases, be sure to sign up for updates.

Image Credit: FORVR Mood, Jackie Aina’s Instagram

Product HighLight: Paradise Dress by Shop Caribbean Cowgirl

LaNatria Ellis of Caribbean Cowgirl is known for wearing bold and colorful, yet affordable peices. She fuses her southern and Caribbean roots, hence the name of her style blog Caribbean Cowgirl, with the tagline “Fierce. Funny. Frugal AF.” Her shop of the same name keeps that theme going.

Small black owned businesses have seen an uptick as a result of the carious social justice initiatives and LaNatria is still able to ship out fanshionable wears to her customers. Congrats to her!

The Paradise dress features an off the shoulder style and rouching in the front and back and is a midi length.

The dress is priced at $99 and is available for pre-order. It is set to ship 7/20-25/20. Shop this dress and other colorful pieces at

Product Highlight: Hoop Mobb Zodiac Sign Earrings

Hoop Mobb is a online store dedicated to all things earrings, hoop earrings specifically. From large hoops for the bold, doorknockers for the nostalgic, to little hoops for the little divas. There are a set a hoops for everyone and their style.

Shop here.

Image Credit: Hoop Mobb

You Should Try My Tried and True Products from Blk Opl!

While yesterday’s Black Live Matter awareness campaign got off to a rocky start, many people still took it upon themselves to advocate in their own way. One of those ways is to highlight and support blackowned businesses. Many large brands were reluctant to show solidarity or released tone deaf statements despite the fact they work with black creators, use black cultural aesthetics and have a substantial black consumer base. Influencers such as Jacki Aina, took it upon herself, to call a few out which has lead to conversations, and hopefully future reform.

One brand I want to hightlight has been around since the 1990’s but when acquired in 2019 became black-owned when Desiree Rogers (CEO) and Cheryl Mayberry McKissack (Allure) too the reigns. Black Opal (stylized Blk Opl) was one of the first makeup brands I used when I began wearing makeup as a teenager. Their cult classic stick foundation and concealer were easy to use and didn’t break my young adult wallet. The brand still remains affordable. Because of this, I rounded up some of my favorite tried and true products from the brand. The Best part is that they are all under $20!

  1. Blk Opl (Black Opal) True Color Flawless Perfecting Concealer



2. Blk Opl (Black Opal) Invisible Oil Block Pressed and Loose Powder

Invisible Oil Blocking Pressed Powder

Invisible Oil Blocking Loose Powder


3. Blk Opl( Black Opal) True Color Skin Perfecting Stick Foundation SPF

Cool Nude


4. Blk Opl (Black Opal) True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation

BLK/OPL TRUE COLOR® Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation


Image Credit: Blk Opl

Kerby Jean-Raymond of Pyer Moss Announces Relief Fund for Minority and Women Owned Small Businesses Suffering Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

Kerby Jean-Raymond, the head 8r the famed Pyer Moss brand announced he has set aside $50,000 in aid for minority and women owned small businesses.

This is an awesome initiative and lets hope it encourages other brands to reach out and help others in their community.

Image Credit:Pyer Moss

The Honey Pot Co. Receives Backlash over Target Commercial White Women Alleged was Racist Only to Receive Overwhelming Support in Return

The Honey Pot Co. is a plant based feminine care product line founded by Bea Dixon. She was recently featured in a series of commercials by Target called “Founders We Believe In” that ran during Black History Month. During the thirty second clip, Dixon discusses ger company and the challenges she faced getting it off the ground. Her last statement is what sparked fury.

“The reason why it’s so important for Honey Pot to do well is so that the next black girl that comes up with a great idea, she can have a better opportunity. That means a lot to me.”

Then emerged a small group of white women who took this to mean that the product was only for black women and/or the founder only wanted black people to use her products. This mirrors a long standing mindset of whenever black people affirm themselves it must some how take away from their support of white people and their culture. This is a false narrative. Ms. Dixon simply stated she wanted to be an inspiration to young girls who look like her that will come after her. This is a powerful statement as a quick Google search will tell you black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs yet the least funded demographic compared to other business owners.

Women who called the brand and owner racist took to the company’s Trust Pilot site to leave inflammatory negative reviews. Honey Pot is a feminine hygiene company, some reviewers didn’t even do their research before leaving reviews. They tried to disguise themselves as black women with comments such as “burned my nappy afro right off” and “I used it and now I’m sick.”

Then a beautiful thing happened. Black women and allies to the black community rallied around Honey Pot Co. and not only purchased from the brand but left positive reviews exclaiming their support. Some mentioned having purchased and loving the products in the past without even knowing who the owner was. Honey Pot Co’s sales doubled!

In light of the controversy, Target has turned off comments under their post with this video and Trust Pilot has a notice on Honey Pot Co.’s page with them informing everyone they have launched an investigation to the sudden influx of comments. Thank you to both companies for standing behind this Bea Dixon and the The Honey Pot Co.

Video Credit: Target
Image Credit:

Small Business Spotlight: Black Girl Sunscreen is the First Indie Black Woman Owned Suncare Brand in Target


If you follow Diva Chronicles on Instagram, then you’ve seen the post about how they’ll be some black history related content coming your way this month. Black owned brands are highlighted all year long here, but we’re ramping things up a bit.

Image Credit: Black Girl Sunscreen

Congratulations are in order to Shontay Lundy and her brand Black Girl Sunscreen for getting permant product placement at select Target locations. She is the first black woman owned indie suncare brand to hit their shelves. What is even better is she is located next to the big brands and at “eye level.” This is huge as product placement real estate reigns supreme in retailers. Here’s to hoping for middle of the aisle in the future! Also, black owned companies or products geared toward black people’s needs were historically all relegated to the same aisle regardless of product type.

Shontay started the brand to solve the problem many black men and women had after applying sunscreens from other brands. That problem waa an unattractive ghostly white cast. This left many foregoing sun protection all together and we all know it is needed. A quick exchange under our Instagram post congratulating the brand shows a reader asking if it leaves white residue. The issue is real for those of us with darker completions. The short answer is it doesn’t.

Black Girl Sunscreen is lightweight, doesn’t leave white reside, doesn’t feel heavy or sticky in the skin and is now more accessible than ever. Check out their website to see if they’re in Target stores near you.

Beauty News: Taraji P. Henson Launches TPH Hair Line

Actress, Taraji P. Henson, known for her roles in Baby Boy, Benjamin Button, and the hit t.v. series Empire has announced the launch of her eponymous hair care line. She stated on her Instagram that she always gets questions on how she protects her hair under her wigs and weaves while she is working. Her answer is TPH by Taraji P. Henson. The luxe-looking line comes is broken down into hair cleansing, moisturizing, repairing, and styling products and with names that nod to African American culture. What is even better is the price range with products ranging from $8.99– $14.99. It is available exclusively at Target and is available on January 29. See a few of the products below.

  1. Honey Fresh Clarifying Moisture Shampoo

2. Make It Rain Hydrating Conditioner

3. Mint Condition Tingling Scalp Conditioner

4.. The Glow Up Pure Scalp Oil Blend

5. After Dark Overnight Repair Mask

6. Slick Edge Control Treatment

TPH By Taraji Slick Edge Control Treatment


Images Credit: TPH by Taraji P. Henson