Product Highlight: UGG Sandals

Either you’ll love ’em or hate ’em.


I am a fan of UGGS.

Yes, I am not afraid to admit it. Their boots are a staple in my winter uniform as they keep my feet –>SO<– warm and they are even more comfortable. So if that same technology is applied to sandals, I am game. I came across an ad doing what they are supposed to do, advertise, and a few styles piqued my interest. Check them out below.


Puff Yeah

Puff Yea, $100. Also comes in pink.

Puff Yeah Pop Graffiti

Puff Yea Pop Grafitti, $100.


Fluff Yeah Slide

Fluff Yea, $100. (Also comes in gray, purple, baby pink and hot pink)


See more styles and colors as well as matching accessories at


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