Product Highlight: Shape Belt Bag by Summer of @CallMeSparkle

There is something so adorable about mini influencers. I think it is because their youth and innocence makes them so authentic. I have been following Summer aka Sparkle (@callmesparkle) for a while now. I believe it was her in a mini fur coat that grabbed my attention and made me ask, “Who is this kid?” Sumer has been around since the beginning if the “fashion kids of Instgram” boom. She is six now and has launched her own shop as her latest venture. She started with t-shirts and is now offering accessories. It is her newest release that landed her as today’s Product Higlight feature.

The belt bag is made of leather and features a middle blue zip pouch anchored by yellow star and pink heart shaped pouches. All three are removable which allows you to put them in the order of your choosing. It is available in children’s and adult sizes.

Children’s Size: $45

Adult Size: $50

Shop the Shape Belt Bag at

Image Credit: Shop Call Me Sparkle

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