4 Upcoming Product Launches You Need to Have on Your Radar

Spring has officially begins and so have the product launches! Diva Chronicles is an advocate of supporting and shopping small businesses, especially Black or minority and/or woman owned businesses. Some of these brands have been reported here before and one is new. They all have their cult followings, so if you see anything you like, set your alarms and get ready!

1. @Glamaholic Lifestyle

Image Credit: @Glamaholic Lifestyle
Image Credit: @Glamaholic Lifestyle

Loyal supporters have been keep tabs on when Mia Ray, Glamaholic’s owner and founder, will release her signature “G” scarves and new wallet on a chain (WOC) purses. Well she announced that day is March 25, yes this Friday, so now they both can be yours! The launch happens at 3 pm EST so set your alarms and have your page ready to checkout if interested. Yes, it is that serious over there in Glamaholic land.

2. @BrandonBlackwood

Image Credit: @BrandonBlackwood

Speaking of launches customers take seriously, is a Brandon Blackwood launch. He made a mark with his now discontinued ESR bags, but Brandon wants to remind all he is here to stay. On April 8, 2022 at 12 pm, EST, not only will the metallic Kuei bags return, but new styles will launch. In personally have my eye on that new top handle pea green beauty.

3. @HouseofRehab

Known for their “Everything” and “Almost Everything” bags, embossed with “Fashion Made Me Do It” on the front, House of Rehab has announced the re-release of their metallic Almost Everything bags in metallic silver and pink. I personally missed on the metallic drop last time and will now miss out in late April when they are re-released. No specific release date has been announced yet, follow the brand closely for more details.

Image Credit: @HouseofRehab

4. @NLtheLabel

Nichole Lunch Box bags are a hit! While it is offered in black, denim, pink, the “diamond” and pink styles will be shipped out March 25- April 25, 2022 and May 5-30, 2022, respectively. The Lunch Box bag offers a different style from your everyday tote bag and is bound to stand out.

Image Credit: @NLtheLabel
Image Credit: @NLtheLabel

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